The 4 Returns Community

We see a future where restoring ecosystems is the new norm. People are connected to landscapes; they understand where their freshwater comes from. Farmers provide resilient communities with nutritious, healthy, and home-grown food. Making money does not mean exploitation, or leading to destroying natural areas and the extinction of animal species. Because ecology, economy, and society go hand-in-hand.

This future works for everyone. And the foundations of this world are already being laid.

Online community

The 4 Returns Community is an online community. We work to restore landscapes and revitalize resilient rural communities. We promote a holistic approach that emphasizes that investing in healthy landscapes delivers 4 returns: the return of inspiration, and the returns of natural, social, and financial capital.
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The 4 Returns Community principles

🤲🏽 We are a community – together a new way is possible. 

😬 We fail forward – mistakes guide us & lead our way. 

🌍 We respect local and connect it to global. 

🙃 We are curious and open. 

🌿 We learn from nature and each other. 

💪 We are optimists – regeneration is happening! 

What can you do as a member?

In our community, you can meet people from various disciplines – from botanists to business developers. That’s how you’ll find out about the latest ideas and discover new collaborations. You also have the freedom to create a story, share your own tools, events, jobs, or organization, and start a discussion. The platform is a space for you to contact, combine forces, exchange knowledge and inspire other landscape restoration practitioners.

You will probably see that some members have an orange badge on their profile picture. These are the so-called 4 Returns pro members. This indicates that they have experience in working with the 4 Returns approach or similar integrated landscape approaches. Do you reckon you are also a pro? Apply here!

What is our agenda?

This platform has been initiated and developed by Commonland and is currently funded and supported by IKEA Foundation.

We want resilient communities to flourish within healthy landscapes across the globe. Our aim is to have 1000 landscapes united in a holistic approach to restoration. We know the tools exist and we know there is energy and inspiration to make large-scale landscape restoration a reality. Now it is up to you to make the most of the 4 Returns platform.

Still in doubt? Please read our privacy statement. If you have any questions about this platform, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Team members

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Simon Moolenaar

It is so inspiring to build a community together to share our experiences and knowledge. I hope this platform will help you to find colleagues, inspiring stories and useful tools and I will be happy to orchestrate and coordinate our efforts with(in) the wider landscape and restoration communities.

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Willemijn de Iongh

I am inspired by people coming together in unimaginable new ways to help regenerate ourselves and our environment. You can ask me anything about community building and using graphic facilitation to support a co-creation process.

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Marieke Karssen

Our current human systems create efficiency. Natural systems create abundance. I want to create abundant thriving human systems. On this platform, I am responsible for the (data)concept and project management for the technical realisation of the platform.

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Thomas Lovett

I’m inspired by the brave people working towards change and trying to build a better world. Everyone has a story. If you’d like help telling yours, please contact me and we can find out how to tell your story together.

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Roos van der Deijl

Worldwide, communities are coming together to regenerate their landscapes. By learning together we can enable our movement to create impact. Ask me anything about our learning activities.

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Weruschca Kirkegaard

The wealth of regenerative solutions inspire me. With a keen eye for detail and combined experience in project management, aesthetics, Permaculture, nutrition and communications, I bring multidisciplinary skills to the larger ecological canvas. I am committed to moving regenerative solutions forward and together we can work towards a resilient and abundant future.

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Marcel Klein Legtenberg

Hi folks, I'm Marcel; the developer of the site you're currently viewing. I use my passion for design and development to empower people all around the globe and help them tell their stories.

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