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Future-fit business

About 2 hours of lessons in short videos

doing business

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Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems – a MOOC series

3-5 hours per week, each MOOC taking between six and eleven weeks of time, including brake weeks

governance and stewardship, regenerating farms, restoring nature

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Urban Rewilding: Restore your local ecosystem

governance and stewardship, learning and impact, mobilising people, restoring nature

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1 Week Crash Course: Regenerative Agriculture and Ecosystem Restoration

Spain (Región de Murcia)

14th of May - 20th of May 2023

doing business, learning and impact, regenerating farms, restoring nature

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The Regenerative Practitioner Series

Over 5 months, 10x2-hour dialogue sessions & a 3-day workshop

regenerating farms, restoring nature

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Diploma Course Sustainable Development: Tools for Teaching Climate Action

Mexico (Querétaro)

May 16 - September 2022

inspiring community, learning and impact, mobilising people

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