At Taylor's Run we run a 6th generation grazing farm that has integrated agroforestry. The Taylors have been innovators in establishing a wide diversity of trees on their farm and can show you design changes and effects of choices made over 40 years of land management. The farm was one of the farms featured in Charles Massey's, Call of the Reed Warbler on regenerative agriculture and has also previously been a case study farm in many Landcare and natural resource projects. We can discuss the history of our land management, tree planting techniques and innovations, tree management, tree species, benefits observed across the farm, integration with our grazing enterprise and how we measure our regenerative capacity. Tours and Field Days can be hosted for half, full or multi days and may include morning tea breaks and lunches. We are able to customise printed materials to the group from our large library of resources. We have full multimedia resources also and can display presentations on a large screen. We have indoor spaces available for all weather and either small or large groups.

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Minimum cost is $200 for a half-day. Additional time, activities, meals, accommodation and materials are available by quote.




Attendees at the Tours or Field Days can access most of the property in private vehicles or buses. We usually suggest car pooling to limit the number of vehicles. All weather facilities are available and toilets. Kitchen facilities or ability to cater for meals in the field can also be arranged. Printed or presented information is available from our resource library. Field demonstrations can also be organised either with or sheep and wool enterprise or agroforestry. Some activities such as shearing only occur once per year. Tree planting or pruning demonstrations can be arranged all year round. There is also farm accommodation available for groups up to 16 or more if camping is added.


Tours and Field Days are sought after by farmer groups, students, researchers and visiting industry professionals from the sheep and wool industry or agroforesters. We have also hosted artists, photographers and journalists wanting to gain more insight into our farm landscape.

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