Go beyond sustainability; change the world through organic and biodynamic farming. 

We’ll teach you how to work with nature, not against it

You’ll study natural agricultural techniques that grow healthy food at no cost to our planet. Our program combines natural agricultural methods with science to teach totally renewable and practical farming techniques. You’ll set up your own farm system and be selling your own produce locally before graduation.

Go beyond sustainability 

Our classes go beyond sustainability and ground students in a regenerative systems approach to organic and biodynamic agriculture. You’ll do more than learn agricultural techniques—you’ll study writing, journalism, environmental advocacy, sustainable community development and more. 

Farm how nature would farm 

Our classes combine traditional knowledge systems with modern science to teach completely renewable and environmentally-friendly agricultural techniques. During your time as a student, you’ll learn how to be an environmentally responsible steward of the land by using natural resources that are renewed during the farming process. 

Be a food entrepreneur 

Through our hands-on approach, you’ll develop a complete seed-to-sale farm system and start selling your own organic produce before you’ve even graduated. After graduation, you’ll be fully prepared with the practical skills you need for a job on an organic farm—and with the knowledge you need to start your own. 

Grow as a person 

All students in our program receive free instruction in the Transcendental Meditation technique, an evidence-based technique with proven mental, physiological, behavioral, and physical benefits that enable you to learn more efficiently and effectively. In addition to daily meditation, you’ll learn how to work on a team, use critical thinking skills, farm ethically, and be a global citizen who contributes to our world community in a positive and sustainable way. 

The courses offered in the certificate program

  • Science and Technology of Consciousness 
  • Crop Production Practices in Organic Agriculture 
  • Soil Science 
  • How to Prepare Your Organic Field 
  • Planting, Plant Care and Maintenance 
  • Pest Scouting and Weed Management 
  • Harvesting and Succession Planting 
  • Cold Season Cropping & Season Extension Methods 
  • Long-Term Storage Crops and End of the Season Preparations 
  • Capstone 

This is a specialized non-credit, non-degree program that is not eligible for federal financial aid. 

Cost Details

For the 9-month program, tuition and fees are $11,530 and housing and meals are $7,400. In addition, international students will need an estimated $3,000 for personal expenses and $2,184 for health insurance.

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