Self-paced online learning 

Use resources and information in our online learning site (RuralBiz Online) to work at your own rate, at times that suit you. 

Interactive online sessions 

These are run in our Blackboard Collaborate virtual classroom where you work with a trainer and other participants.  

A total of 10 units of competency must be completed made up of:

  • Two core units
  • two units from group A, 
  • five units from group A or B 

  • Core Units

    AHCAGB504 Plan production for the whole business
    AHCORG506 Manage an agro-ecology production system 

    Elective Group A

    AHCORG502 Prepare the enterprise for organic certification
    AHCORG402 Manage organic livestock production
    AHCSOL501 Monitor and manage soils for production 

    Elective Group B

    AHCBAC507 Develop production plans for crops AHCLSK505 Develop production plans for livestock AHCBUS508 Prepare and monitor budgets and financial reports AHCBAC505 Plan and manage long-term weed, pest and/or disease control in crops AHCAGB501 Develop climate risk management strategies

    Cost Details

    See website for information regarding Vet Loans, subsidies and funding.




    • Many of our units use a printed manual, giving you time to explore the online learning environments while having familiar materials at hand.

    • You will find resources to help you learn including videos, quizzes, print materials and links to other useful websites. This site also has a forum where you can post comments and questions for other participants and your trainer. It will also be the spot to upload your assessments, receive trainer feedback and track your progress. 

    • You will be able to see a presentation on your computer screen, hear the trainer and other group members, and ask questions or make comments.a whiteboard, chat function and many other tools useful for training. Some sessions are also recorded for listening back at a later date. 


    This course is designed for farmers/farm managers who would like to improve their organic farming knowledge and skills. 

    Course Entry Requirements

    • Be actively engaged in farming, or have ready access to, and knowledge of, a farm business for completion of assessment exercises.
    • Have access to a computer with at least Windows 7, Word 97, Excel 97, Adobe Reader and satellite broadband internet connection or similar. If you have a Mac computer, we suggest you talk to a computer technician about installing the Windows environment. 
    • Basic computer skills e.g. use of the internet, email, basic word processing skills
    • Completion of Year 12 or equivalent or be able to demonstrate similar literacy and numeracy levels. All students complete a literacy and numeracy test as part of our enrolment process. 

    Contact RuralBiz Training for information regarding recognition of prior learning.

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