This program is designed to help you align your passion for a better world with the development of a career path that actively creates the world you envision.

  • Module 1: Landscape Foundations
  • Module 2: Portfolio and Credibility Plan
  • Module 3: Step by Step Assessment Process
  • Module 4: Base Map Strategy and Creation
  • Module 5: Consultation Strategy and Implementation
  • Module 6: Professional Ecological Design Process
  • Module 7: Water Harvesting and Management
  • Module 8: Landscape Drip Irrigation Planning
  • Module 9: Erosion Control Best Practices
  • Module 10: Landscape Fertility Plans
  • Module 11: Planting Strategies
  • Module 12: Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
  • Module 13: Pathways & Outdoor Destinations
  • Module 14: Rock Wall Systems
  • Module 15: Project Management
  • Module 16: Running an Ecological Landscape Company
  • The Step by Step Program to start and grow your ecological design business or organization. An online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as a professional ecological designer, practitioner, community organizer, and consultant.

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    One-time payment or six-payment options available.




    • Live coaching with Erik Ohlsen
    • Monthly live experts hangouts
    • 16 core modules
    • Private Mastermind Community
    • One-time payment and life time access

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