The Ecosystem Restoration Design course is back, new and improved for 2023!

So, What’s New?

🌍 Each module is no longer – giving you more freedom & time to complete

🌍 Facilitators are back! At the end of each lesson, there will be a live session where you can share, collaborate and ask facilitators any questions.

🌍 Live Q&A β€˜ask the experts – here’s your chance to ask your questions & gain key insights into your future projects!

🌍 Lower affordable prices

As we consider the state of the world’s ecosystems today, we are encouraged and motivated to continue working towards their regeneration, knowing that you and others are taking part in this great work of our time.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to some key ecosystem restoration concepts and approaches, learning from some of the most prominent actors and projects around the world.

We hope they give you the encouragement and valuable knowledge that you need to develop your own restoration plans, helping you to become an ecosystem restoration practitioner.

Increase your awareness, knowledge, and skills in ecosystem restoration as a practice, and feel empowered to create a basic restoration plan for an ecosystem close to your heart and home.

Our vision for this course is to help create a new tribe of ecosystem restoration practitioners and a catalog of restoration plans to restore patches of land all over the world.

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