The Future-Fit Benchmark is a new kind of business tool, designed to help any company play its part in our transition to an environmentally restorative, socially just and economically inclusive future.

It defines what it takes for a business to be truly responsible and regenerative – providing a clear destination to aim for, and a way to steer towards it.

If you work with or inside a business, the Benchmark equips you to do three things:

  • First, it helps you set better environmental and social ambitions – ones that meet the needs of both the business and society as a whole.
  • Second, it provides detailed guidance on how to make and measure meaningful progress in pursuit of those ambitions.
  • And third, it offers a way to transform how you engage stakeholders, by shifting the narrative to focus on the future: where the company is going, how it’s working to get there, and why that is good for both the business and society as a whole.

A wide range of companies, investors and advisors are already adopting the Future‑Fit methodology to transform how they think about and create value. Watch the Crash Course to learn how you can, too.

What you will learn…

The journey ahead

  • What’s wrong with our economy today, and how do we fix it?
  • What role do the SDGs play, and how can we rethink business to deliver them?

A star to steer by

  • Why must we change how we assess social and environmental performance?
  • How can companies measure – and thus manage – meaningful progress?

A practical tool

  • What is the Future‑Fit Business Benchmark? How can companies use it to ensure they are part of the solution rather than part of the problem? How can the Benchmark help any business set better ambitions, improve day-to-day decisions, and explain its true contribution to society?

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