The Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Biodynamic Farming and Gardening provides two-year training which combines the development of practical skills alongside the development of deeper understanding which are needed for a new generation of farmers and gardeners.

This training is designed along the lines of a classical apprenticeship, combining practical and theoretical learning with the aim of building confidence and resilience in producing high quality food in a way that works cooperatively with nature, just what is needed to make the world a better place.  

Alongside the development of practical skills, students take seminars during the winter months when the practical work is less busy.  These courses bring students from all over the country together to consider biodynamic principles, aspects of a farm and garden and how these can work together harmoniously with nature. They include classroom and outdoor teaching, artistic activities and plenty of discussions.  

Students have more than 30 teachers each with a professional background that offers students insight into many different areas of expertise. These complement the practical experience gained in day-to-day work, offering the opportunity to work meaningfully in creating practical solutions for the future.

With more than 20 years experience in the provision of agricultural education, we are pleased to offer this unique professional training, the only certified level 3 diploma in the agro-ecological sector in the UK.

This program is a collaboration between Crossfields Institute and the Biodynamic Agriculture Association. It will involve hands-on work based learning at a host farm located in the United Kingdom.

Cost Details

This is a paid traineeship program where you will earn minimum wage whilst participating in the program. So you will essential earn enough during the program to cover the fees for the program and all living expenses. 

Payment is structured as one initial payment of 700 pounds followed by 24 monthly payments of 420 pounds.




  • A paid work experience placement
  • Ongoing training and course materials
  • An Ofqual certified Diploma in Biodynamic farming and gardening 


  • Students who enrol on the Diploma course should have a minimum of six months practical experience in land-based work.  In addition, it is essential that students have the capacity for self-guided study, motivation for active learning and an open attitude to biodynamic perspectives.  
  • An equivalent to GCSE level education (level 2) and a minimum age of 18 is required, though due to the nature of the training, an age of at least 21 is recommended (there is no upper age limit). 
  • Students should be willing and able to physically work in an agricultural environment throughout the seasons and to work in the normal routines of the placement.  This can sometimes mean long working hours and weekend work. 

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