From September 1st, 2021, this MOOC can be followed for free.

The MOOC provides a structured approach to developing a sustainable business model. It consists of seven chapters, each based on five units. Each unit addresses a specific element of developing a business model. The MOOC is designed in a step-by-step manner, following the structure of the book [Organizing for Sustainability – A Guide to Developing New Business Models] which consists of three stages and ten building blocks. Each unit starts with a short introduction, after which a concise central video is provided. This is followed by (if available) various assignments, some multiple-choice questions for a self-test, and finally some additional material. Each unit indicates how it is linked to a specific chapter and/or paragraph of the book. When it comes to key choices such as choosing a business model archetype, we have provided additional units and a case study: this should help you to make the right choice. In addition to the seven chapters that represent the core of the MOOC, an eighth chapter is provided with ten tools that you can use while elaborating the various assignments found throughout the various chapters.

Learning Objectives:

After following this MOOC you will have:

  • been introduced to concepts such as sustainability and circularity
  • learned more about multiple value creation and how this is crucial in business modeling
  • gone through the Business Model Template (BMT) approach, enabling you to develop your own sustainable business model
  • brought your business model idea to life by asking for feedback from people in real life
  • made a brief video in which you present your brilliant and unique business model
  • had lots of fun in turning your dream into a feasible business model prototype


When you enroll in this MOOC we will expect some hard – or even serious – work from you. We hope you have fun, but a business model does not come for free. You need to work. We’re sorry we can’t make it any easier. Still, we sincerely hope that this is the MOOC you have been waiting for to turn your dreams, plans, and hopes into an output that has the ability to create positive change in this world.

This MOOC is a joint project of various Universities of Applied Sciences, consultants, and organizations in the Netherlands. It was funded by a Dutch SURF grant.

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash


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