Delaware Valley University and Rodale Institute, the global leader of regenerative organic agriculture, created the Organic Farming Certificate Program in 2012. 

The 36-credit, one-year certificate program prepares students to enter the rapidly-growing organic industry. Participants who complete the program leave with the knowledge and experience necessary to start a small-scale organic farm or, work for an organic operation. 

The program offers assistance with job placement and developing business plans so that graduates can easily move right into rewarding careers in agriculture. 

Learning areas include: 

  • Commercial vegetable production 
  • Organic food and fiber 
  • Principles of sustainable agriculture and marketing 
  • Practicum farm experience

Students spend two semesters at Delaware Valley University and one semester at Rodale Institute. Students will also participate in a Farm practicum to work on successful, organic farms shadowing experienced mentors. 

Cost Details

  • Online 
  • In person 
  • Cash 
  • Money order 
  • Check 
  • Financial aid is also now available for non-veterans




Books and supplies.


Students or professionals seeking a career in the organic industry.

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