An Introduction to U-lab

u-lab – the Presencing Institute’s globally renowned Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is a 6-week program on the foundations of Theory U, a process for transformative change that blends systems thinking, consciousness and wisdom traditions, and civic action. This program, which runs in partnership with MITx, is a “learning by doing” program where you will learn about the tools, methods, and frameworks of Theory U and start cultivating your ability to apply them to your life and work. This is an online self-paced course complemented by synchronous live sessions bringing together thousands of change-makers from around the world.

An invitation to learning track on landscape regeneration:

We are happy to announce that the 2023 U-lab cycle will offer a dedicated learning track on applying the methods and tools of Theory U to the work of regenerating our lands, landscapes, and agricultural systems. This learning track, offered in collaboration with our partner organizationCommonland, will include four additional live community sessions and a dedicated space on our community platform for those enrolled in this track.  Through this track, participants will learn about how Theory U is being applied to regeneration efforts, with reference to Commonland’s ‘4 Returns’ framework.  Participants will share their own experiences of applying their U-lab learning to deepen their understanding and capacity for action on landscape regeneration.

This learning track is offered to all registered U-lab participants who are interested in sharing experiences in landscape restoration and regeneration.  Participants are asked to participate in all live U-lab sessions and all sessions offered as part of this track. 

To enroll in u-lab and this track, please register for u-lab and the learning track here: https://www.u-school.org/offerings/land-regen/ 

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