We all know that the algorithms of the big Social Media platforms constantly serve us more of what we already like. This is intended for profit reasons, because it increases our time on the platform and increases our clicks and therefore we make more money for the platform.

The evil is not intended as such, but the rabbitholes thus created create new realities as it were and the more extremist and complot based those realities are, the more time is spent and the more clicks the platform generates. This sounds as if it is not too bad, but more and more people start to realise that the inherent nature of these algorithms create war, hatred, death and serious social and democratic issues.

The ecosystem restoration community is very active on Facebook. Its system and algorithm makes it easy for us to connect, to share knowledge and see the latest news in a very pleasant manner. It invites us to spend more time with people and content… in our own rabbithole!

My dilemma is that I do not want to support evil, moneydriven platforms anymore, but that I also realise that platforms such as this one, without algorithms and addictive qualities require more work, from everyone involved, to create the same speed in knowledge growth and in acquiring new connections.

What do you think? Do you feel the same way? Or completely different? And could a platform like this be a replacement?

One reply on "Do we need to leave Algorythm based Social Media?"

  1. Indeed, such a dilemma! I think that unfortunately we cannot grow a movement without the traditional social media. However, ad-free social platforms like these ones can play an important role in putting things into perspective, which can prevent you from getting trapped into the traditional social media’s rabbit holes. So for now, I guess a combination of both is a good balance between reaching people but at the samen time staying close to reality.

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