This is a discussion space for anyone who has seen the movie Head, Heart, and Hands. The movie shares the stories of local farmers Santiaga, Alfonso, Loly and their community – a group of social entrepreneurs in South-East Spain who are transforming their lands to create a new economic model. One that puts back into the land more than it takes out while improving economic returns and revitalising community life.

If you haven’t seen it, find the trailer and more info here.

Specifically, I am curious about your thoughts on the following:

  1. What did you think of the movie and the story it tells? What were your favourite parts?
  2. Did you recognise any elements of the story in your own work / life?
  3. What did you learn from the movie / which lessons will you take with you for your own restoration initiatives?
  4. How can we best help each other start initiatives like this, or help each other tell our stories?

Looking forward to opening up the conversation!

2 replies on "Reflections on Head, Heart, and Hands"

  1. What really touched me in this documentary is that it’s really a regeneration movement captured in time and space. You get a good feeling for the magnitude of the territory (1.000.000 ha) as well as the groundedness of the people living and working together in the landscape.

    Holistic landscape restoration is not an easy fix but if you get the head, hearts and hands of people on board its unstoppable!

    I also hope that with this platform we can provide people with more real life insights into how these large-scale landscape restoration initiatives can come to life and how they can be sustained from both the inspirational and social perspective as well as the natural and financial side.

  2. Tom Lovett Tom Lovett says:

    What I find powerful is how you are taken beyond the techniques of regenerative agriculture to the impacts felt by the people. From changing mindsets to how a community is becoming stronger. In this way, the documentary offers a glimpse of the true value of the return of inspiration.

    To help each other start such initiatives, we need to exchange knowledge, iterate on ideas and exchange again! Restoring the world’s landscapes means learning together and building strong community networks.

    Head, Heart and Hands gives me hope. Because as Willemijn mentions in her comment, when enough people get behind a good idea, they create an unstoppable force!

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