Collectively we can help restore nature’s ecosystems, create new habitats for species, capture CO2 and ultimately make this world a better place, but we also cannot do it alone. We need to work together.  If you are dreaming about a regenerative future and want to connect, get inspired by people with similar visions, then come to the 4 Returns coffee corner. This is an informal, fun, free online zoom meeting that is truly about making connections, seeing fresh faces, and getting to know one another. Just pop in with your coffee or tea and meet the people who are part of this community. 


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2005 members are now active on 4returns.earth, connecting, sharing their field experiences, and creating new opportunities and initiatives together.

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10 replies on "4 Returns Coffee Corner"

  1. Thanks for the talk, it was great !

    1. Hi! Sorry everyone got kicked out in the end… that was my bad! Glad you came :)

  2. I live in the north of germany and want to meet you.

    1. Looking forward to meeting you to!

  3. Gijs Spoor Gijs Spoor says:

    oh I thought it was happening today. Apparently not….

    Can you let me know if this is a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly thing?


    1. HI Gijs,

      This is a monthly event, it happens every second Wednesday of the month. The next one will be May 11th. Will you be able to make that?

      1. Thanks Milena. I`ll be there.

  4. I also marked the coffeecorner for today!!

    1. The next one will be May 11th :)

  5. Gijs Spoor Gijs Spoor says:

    ooops on May 11 I am hosting another event at that same time slot. It’s about the VOICE of NATURE. You can join : )


    We will explore ways in which the voice of the more than human world can be raised and heard in human decision making.

    More details will follow closer to the date. This is an invitation to carve out space in your calendar : )

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