A Community of Practice session on the role of art-based science and inspiration in landscape restoration

Inspiration and optimism can be hard to come by nowadays, while we need them more than ever. Join us in this Community of Practice session to find the cracks where the light comes in. To see how we can restore landscapes while restoring our connection with each other and our environment. 

What is the role of Soundscapes to spark hope and inspiration in mobilizing for action and restoration of landscapes? How do you apply this in practice?

Join us for first-hand sound experiences and special contributions from Mike Edwards, the co-founder of Sound Matters. This organisation uses sound and music to positively connect listeners to the processes shaping the environment in the 21st century. 

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A community of Practice session is an informal online group session with other professionals related to holistic and business-driven landscape restoration. The focus of these sessions in on exchanging experiences, hearing from experts, showcasing examples and entering into dialogue together.


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