This quote “the right tree in the right place for the right reasons” comes from William Bond, a grasslands researcher and emeritus professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa.

To serve the growing 4 Returns community, we organise monthly Community of Practice sessions to exchange knowledge and experience on relevant topics connected to holistic landscape restoration. In this online 4 Returns Community of Practice session we will deepen our understanding of the debate around the “tree-planting frenzy” to capture CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning. Across the world, governments, companies and conservation charities have pledged to conserve or plant massive numbers of trees.

This growing attention for planting trees should be welcomed as it indicates a revived interest in the values of nature in rebalancing the global climate. However, as the title of this session suggests, the right tree needs to be planted in the right place for the right reasons.

The first confirmed speaker of this session is ecologist Fernando Bautista Expósito who will  share his  experiences of working with reforestation projects within a wider ecosystem approach, particularly in the Altiplano landscape in Spain. 


  • Introduction
  • Fernando Bautista Expósito expert ecologist supporting AlVelAl in the natural zone restoration as part of a 1 million hectare landscape approach
  • Q&A Discussion

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