Over the past 8 years, we (Commonland) have been exploring with our landscape partners what it means to develop long-term, large-scale holistic landscape restoration programmes based on the 4 Returns framework. In landscapes in Australia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, and India, our partners have worked hard to unite stakeholders, develop a future vision, and put this vision into practice through restoration activities, business development, knowledge exchange, and inspirational initiatives.

This has led to an incredible boost of hope and connection in the landscapes, inspiring many farmers to make the transition to regenerative agriculture and an economic boost due to new businesses. Read more about the impact of last year in our Annual Report 2021.

Now, the question that has become paramount in the landscapes is:

How do we bring this progress to the next level, and scale our impact in and beyond our landscape?

To explore this question, we went on a 3-month (online) learning journey together. In these ‘Mountain Trails’, we prioritise time for learning and exchange our experience together as a landscape restoration community. We dive into theories and match them with first-hand experience.

We arrived at the Summit of the Mountain and would like to share our insights with you. In this public online event, we’ll share some of our insights, get a fresh perspective from our speakers, and continue the conversation around the questions that we’ve identified. Questions we may explore in this event include:

  • Why do we scale?
  • Which scaling models fit our values as a network?
  • How do we keep our quality when the quantity increases?
  • How do we keep our culture and identity when we scale?
  • What can the practice of weaving bring us?
  • How can we set up our organisations for scaling, and which capacities are needed?
  • How do we transition from organisation-level impact towards achieving a landscape level vision with partners?
  • How do we break through system barriers that keep us from scaling?
  • How do we make landscape restoration the new norm as a global collective?


  • Our journey so far: introducing the landscapes
  • Seerp Wigboldus: responsible scaling
  • Break-out rooms: scaling challenges
  • Reflections
  • Adrian Röbke: practices to support scaling
  • Check-out

The speakers :

Seerp Wigboldus studied rural sociology and tropical crop science and has many years of experience working on rural development projects all over the world. He also holds a Ph.D. which is focused on rethinking the idea and practice of scaling innovations for development and progress. In this event he will discuss the idea of ‘responsible scaling’, and suggest the way forward may be moving away from a focus on scaling innovations (technologies/‘solutions’) toward focusing more on scaling the application of good principles, values, and approaches.

Adrian Röbke weaves networks to co-create systems change and collaborates with people from diverse cultures and generations to realize a thriving world. He supports leaders of collaborative efforts to widen, deepen and lengthen their collective impact. During this event, he will talk about different practices that support scaling.

P.S. the event will be recorded, in case you’re not able to join.

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