This is a 4 Returns community event hosted and organised by Commonland.

Time for reflection is often seen as a luxury in our fast-paced working life. But is it is so vital if we want to continue driving the transition toward a more balanced and fair agricultural system and healthy landscapes and communities. Therefore, Commonland is hosting online Mountain Trails where we can exchange and learn together as a landscape restoration community. Last fall, we had the first online learning journey as the Mountain Trail on Regenerative agriculture (check out here and here).

Mountain Trail | Return of Inspiration

In this online webinar, we would like to celebrate and share our network’s lessons learned from ‘7 years of working on holistic landscape restoration’ specifically on the return of inspiration.

  • How can we reconnect with nature, and what is the role of inspiration in holistic landscape restoration?
  • How can we shift from ego to eco-thinking, and spark hope and inspiration for (local) individuals and communities to kick into action?

This Mountain Trail will hopefully help us get closer to a shared understanding of the lessons learned on return of inspiration and what we need to be mindful of in the years to come.

This is the great line-up:

Anne van Leeuwen, an environmental entrepreneur, founder of regenerative farming centre Bodemzicht and board member at the Embassy of the North Sea.

Mike Edwards, an environmentalist, and co-founder of Sound Matters experienced in using sound and the art of listening, to build more effective communication strategies around issues of sustainability and resilience.

Astrid Vargas, an experienced facilitator and positive changemaker, founder of Inspiration 4 Action, founding member of AlVelAl and Senior Strategic Advisor to Commonland.

Winterdagen, music collective of Mink Steekelenburg, a musician and part of a music collective inspired by nature elements, colours, texture and stories from the Dutch Wadden sea.

We look forward to welcoming you there!

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