How do we practice holistic landscape restoration not only in our work but also in our heads and hearts?

Reflection is key in a landscape restoration process. Reflection allows us to look at the (recent or distant) past, and learn from it. Reflection can also help to ‘zoom in’ to the personal level, and ‘zoom out’ to see the full landscape. This ‘zooming in’ and ‘zooming out’ is a key aspect of a landscape approach.

For this Community of Practice session, we will create the time and space for you to pause and reflect on the past year (s) and the next year (s) ahead.

We will use Theory U journalling questions combined with key 4 Returns questions, to guide you through a reflection process. This will include reflections on your landscape as a whole, as well as your personal role in the landscape and your personal leadership journey.

Note: this session will be optimally enjoyed in a peaceful and natural environment that is different than your usual workplace. So we invite you to take your phone, pen, and notebook with you into a natural spot accessible to you and join in from there!

We hope you come to press the pause button with us!


09:00-09:10: Check-in

09:10-09:30: Journalling round 1

09:30-09:50: Observing your surroundings

09:50-10:10: Journalling round 2

10:10-10:20: Share reflections

10:20-10:30: Check-out

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