An event by Triodos Investment Management

Presented by Els Ankum-Griffioen, Isabelle Laurencin, Thomas Harttung, Benoit Plisson

The urgency and immediate threat posed by Covid-19 overshadows another crisis already looming, which is how we organize our food system in a world that is rapidly losing fertile soil, where pesticides and herbicides are finally revealing their health hazards, and where consumers are realizing that conventional solutions no longer work, and something must change.

In the second edition of our webinar series on the transition to a more sustainable food system, we will illustrate trends and market developments. This edition will feature how two companies in our portfolio have been able to stay relevant and financially healthy despite huge challenges in face of Covid-19.

Our guest speakers are Thomas Harttung of Aarstiderne in Denmark and Benoit Plisson of Hari & Co in France, we are happy to share their stories of creativity and agility.

They are inspiring pioneers, going the extra mile for the food transition and embedding this in their companies. In our panel discussion, we will elaborate on trends in the food sector in general and how companies in our fund specifically are coping with, or even benefiting from the current situation.

Register now and join us on the 16th of November!

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