On June 22nd, we deepened our understanding of access to land initiatives, identified challenges faced by such initiatives, explored their role in commoning and managing the commons, and examined their connection to large-scale landscape restoration efforts.

Attila Szocs presented ALPA/Ecoruralis from Romania,

Liesbeth Soer shared insights about Aardpeer from the Netherlands

Thomas Kliemt shared insights about Kulturland Genossenschaft from Germany

Sjoerd Wartena presented  Terre de Liens

Lastly, Natasha Hulst, a researcher at the Schumacher Institute specializing in international and national collaboration for community land trusts and other models of community ownership, provided a critical reflection on the discussed topics.

Please find the recording here of the session here.  If you are interested in continuing the conversation around this topic join us on circle. 

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  1. This looks really cool! Can I just confirm whether it’s happening online?

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