Be a farm manager, technician or agricultural professional. This program provides broad training in both crop & livestock production. Go beyond a certificate -- this program is deep enough to underpin a professional career.

Whether you are seeking to get a foothold in the farming industry or you are contemplating running your own farm, this Advanced Certificate in Agriculture (Farm Management) provides the perfect platform from which to start.

This multidisciplinary course covers the science and practice of using the land for crops and animal produce.

Find out how to run farms efficiently and productively to provide profits and long term solutions to everyday farming problems.

This is a comprehensive course that teaches you both the science and management of farming. Graduates will have a foundation to start building a business or a career working on a farm, or in providing supplies or services used by farms.

Being Different Gives You an edge!
  • Farmers that don't change, simply don't survive.
  • This course is strong in helping you adapt to change - ask us to explain how.
Studying with ACS provides a different learning experience. You will gain a strong base of science and agricultural knowledge while establishing an extensive network of industry contacts.

This solid foundation is the perfect starting point for your professional career in agriculture.

How is Farming Changing?
  • Demand for new types of produce
  • New techniques in farming methods
  • Value-adding to existing farm products
  • Increasing automation and mechanisation
  • Using science to improve productivity
  • Using science for improved sustainability and resilience
  • New approaches to marketing
  • New ways of working with global partners
This is a worldwide trend!
If you recognise and prepare for a life of continual change; you are far better prepared for a life of success in farming.

Available learning options:
  • Correspondence (Paper notes )
  • E-Learning (USB stick)
  • Online (5% discount) (via web)



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