Why are MRV solutions so important? Well, they’re the key to successful landscape restoration projects. In the wake of a recent Guardian investigation discrediting nature-based carbon offsetting projects monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) of carbon projects is more important than ever. Without them, soil carbon projects cannot guarantee that they are having an impact. Not only do they bring credibility and transparency to drive genuine climate action, but they also help secure funds, shape policies, and fine-tune restoration strategies on the go.

To get an overview of the recent development in the MRV sphere, Commonland is bringing together speakers from four front-running organisation who will discuss new methods and approaches as well as barriers and opportunities for advanced MRV methods for soil carbon.

Featured Speakers:

Distinguished figures in this field, Kilian Walz, Tom Davis, Avni Malhotra, Dorn Cox, Soufiane el Khinifri, and Tessa van der Voort will be speaking on behalf of their organisations for this event.

Tom Davis and Kilian Walz are both environmentalists and sustainability experts. They are dedicated to Commonland’s mission of crafting a methodology to estimate (peat) soil carbon emissions and spearheading the development of carbon projects aimed at encouraging large-scale holistic landscape restoration.

Avni Malhotra is a recognized authority in soil science, particularly carbon-rich peatland and permafrost soils driving advancements in carbon sequestration strategies. Her pivotal role in the International Soil Carbon Network involves leading collaborative research initiatives and fostering global partnerships to enhance our understanding of soil’s vital role in mitigating climate change.

Tessa van der Voort plays a crucial role at SoilCastor as a carbon stock expert, utilizing her expertise in soil ecology and data science to develop innovative tools that empower farmers and land managers to make informed decisions about soil health and carbon management. Her work directly contributes to bridging the gap between sustainable land practices and cutting-edge technology for a more resilient agricultural future.

Soufiane el Khinifri is the managing director of Spatialise, where he spearheads the design and implementation of geospatial (GIS) solutions that underpin informed decision-making and sustainable resource management, showcasing the important synergy between technology and environmental conservation.

Dorn Cox has profound expertise in agroecology and regenerative agriculture and leads the development of open team, an open-source platform that empowers farmers with data-driven insights and collaborative tools. The goal of this work is to optimize farming practices and improve soil health, productivity, and environmental resilience.

During the event, the speakers will explore the three following points:

1. Above mentioned organisations’ roles in carbon finance and landscape restoration sectors.

2. Assess opportunities and barriers associated with rolling out MRV solutions.

3. Evaluate the readiness of their technology and method.

We welcome a diverse audience of stakeholders, experts, and practitioners of holistic landscape restoration to this webinar event. Through these events, we hope to create a community that promotes learning, capacity, and development across the praxis of science and investment sectors. Let’s explore together how advanced MRV solutions are informing the way we monitor soil carbon, making landscape restoration not only effective but also a whole lot smarter.

Sign up here and mark September 27th, 14:00-15:30 CET in your Calendar!

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