Biodiversity and Wildlife credits provide a practical framework for integrating conservation, restoration, and sustainable land management, ensuring that ecosystems are protected and enhanced. Join us to uncover the secrets behind these credits and how they work. During this event, we will explore how biodiversity/wildlife credits can be verified and sold and how they fit into the wider picture of holistic large-scale landscape restoration.

Distinguished figures in this field will lead the conversation: Hicham Daoudi, Mariana Sarmiento, Tim Coles, David Meyers, and Richard Diggle.

Featured Speakers:

Hicham Daoudi is the Head of Carbon at Commonland and spearheads initiatives aimed at mitigating carbon emissions and promoting landscape restoration through carbon sequestration. His role involves strategizing and implementing solutions that contribute to environmental conservation, restoration, and co-benefits to local communities.

Mariana Sarmiento plays a pivotal role at Terrasos by leading efforts in generating biodiversity credits. Her work involves developing innovative approaches to incentivize conservation and restoration, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity while creating sustainable economic opportunities.

Tim CEO is the CEO rePlanet, an organization that funds ecosystem restoration via carbon and biodiversity credits. They use the Wallacea Trust method across 5 markets: mangrove and native forest restoration, biodiversity boost in marine reserves, protection of valued reserves, and measuring uplift from supply chain investments.

David Meyers plays a pivotal role at both the Conservation Finance Alliance and VERRA, driving the development of financial mechanisms that incentivize and fund global conservation projects. His expertise lies in creating frameworks that link environmental outcomes with financial incentives, fostering impactful initiatives that address ecological challenges while promoting sustainable economic practices.

Richard Diggle has 30 years of experience working in community-based conservation, first with the CAMPFIRE programme in Zimbabwe, then with IRDNC in the Zambezi, and now with WWF Namibia as the Business and Sustainable Financing Director. He also has extensive experience working in the banking industry from his previous career. This has enabled him to understand supply and value chains and how to establish partnerships between communities and the private sector that generate sustainable returns that can be invested back into conservation and social projects. In recent years he has also been working on wildlife credits.

During the event, the speakers will address the following points:

1. Gain a deeper understanding of the production of biodiversity/wildlife credits.

2. Identify opportunities and barriers to biodiversity/wildlife credits

3. Explore how biodiversity credits can be used within existing carbon methodologies and carbon standards.

Target Audience:

We welcome a diverse audience of stakeholders, experts, and practitioners of holistic landscape restoration to this webinar event. Through these events, we hope to create a community that promotes learning, capacity, and development across the praxis of science and investment sectors.

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