Is your brand ready for a break?

Join us on Friday August 27th 2021 for an afternoon retreat to define a clear brand strategy and get inspired by likeminded regenerative entrepreneurs.

In this retreat we will reflect on your brand and work out a clear marketing strategy for impact and commercial succes.

You will get personal guidance from Marielle Horst-Gussenhoven as a senior marketing strategist with sound experience in building impact driven brands. For the much needed flow and reflection I am teaming up with Tom Elffers, who is a business coach enabling young entrepreneurs to become aware and grow their personal vision.

In this retreat you will:

  • take time to slow down, learn where your brand is at today and focus on what’s truly important
  • realign on your brand positioning
  • learn which brand strategic steps to take next
  • get connected to an ecosystem of likeminded professionals you need to implement your plans in a disruptive way
  • get valuable insights from other entrepreneurs on the same regenerative path
  • Make a great start to scale your brand and deliver on the impact you envision.

Learn more? Follow the link and book your spot.

Is your brand ready for a break?

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