Rising temperatures and weather extremes such as droughts and floods threaten the Earth and the human population – besides biodiversity loss, land degradation and other major issues. However, it seems we have a solution for many of these issues right before us: We can work with plants, soils and water to cool the climate and rehydrate and restore Earth’s landscapes.

With our conference, we want to draw attention to the interrelationships and potentials of vegetation, soils, water and climate. A combination of scientific presentations, enterprise engagements and best practices will show

  • the enormous potentials of ecosystemically oriented land- and appropriately designed water management for and with agriculture, forestry and settlement planning

  • the associated positive effects on biodiversity, land restoration, the health of soils, nutrition and improved climate adaptation

Our conference aims to provide a forum for people from different fields of science, practice, politics, administration, business and media. You will have the chance to learn about the interwoven natural relationships from world-renowned speakers and participants, discuss the appropriate solutions, create new networks and find ways for the next urgent steps.

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