Natural climate solutions (NCS) have become a buzzword, with many governments and all levels of organizations seeking to implement them. NCS is a relatively simple concept that nature is good for our climate. By absorbing and storing carbon from the atmosphere, forests and other high-carbon ecosystems can help forestall climate change. Therefore, a Natural Climate Solution is any action that conserves, restores, or improves the use or management of these ecosystems while increasing carbon storage and/or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions can be considered a “natural” climate solution.

Developing green infrastructure, including natural climate solutions, has become a focal point for government policy and spending to boost economies for post-pandemic recovery. However, infrastructure that balances economic needs and natural capital in the face of a changing climate requires an integrated approach to ensure benefits for ecosystem services and human well-being.

Join us in learning how integrated landscape management (ILM) can provide a framework for balancing different priorities and how green infrastructure and natural climate solutions play a vital role in development pathways. Practitioners working on green infrastructure, natural climate solutions, NCS finance, and ILM will share their experiences, lessons learned, and future outlook.

Featured Speakers
  • Jocelyn Brown Hall, Director, FAO North America
  • Sara J. Scherr, President and CEO, EcoAgriculture Partners
  • Shaun Martin, Vice President, Ecological and Social Resilience, WWF
  • Sasha Koo-Oshima, Deputy Director, Land and Water Division, FAO
  • Andrew Wu, Climate Positive Approaches Fellow, Conservation International
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About the Series

The Landscape Dialogue is part of an on-going series of discussions focusing on climate change, agriculture and landscapes. Ecoagriculture Partners and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office for North America have jointly organized the series since 2009.

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