Data-driven insights from the continuous monitoring of cookstoves inform strategies for promoting sustainable cooking practices, restoring landscapes, reducing environmental degradation, and improving overall well-being. Thus, by keeping a close eye on cookstoves, we are not just understanding their effects on the environment, health, and communities, but also finding smart strategies to make things better. In this webinar, we will explore some new technologies, cool methods, and solutions for the continuous monitoring of cookstoves and even connect the dots to how it all fits into the big picture of holistic landscape restoration.

Guiding us in the conversation is a panel of experts in the field including Cindy Musyoki, Edwin Cogho, and Nathan Gachugi.

Featured Speakers:

Cindy Musyoki works as Carbon Project Developer at Commonland and possesses an extensive background in environmental and social impact assessments, as well as the development of carbon assets. In recent years, she has also played pivotal roles at SunCulture and EcoAct, serving as a Carbon Credit Associate and Senior Project Development Consultant.

Edwin Cogho works at Tasc, also known as “The African Stove Company,” as a Carbon Project Developer where he helps deploy improved cookstoves (ICS) designed to replace traditional three-stone open fires commonly used for cooking. These ICS models aim to enhance wood fuel combustion efficiency, yield reduced fuel consumption, diminish carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and improve the indoor air quality paradigm.

Nathan Gachugi possesses more than 10 years of work experience in carbon asset development, renewable energy, and manufacturing across East Africa. At Burn Manufacturing in Kenya, he holds the title of head of carbon operations. Burn Manufacturing specializes in the production and distribution of clean-burning cookstoves. These cookstoves aim to improve the health and well-being of communities while also reducing fuel consumption, air pollution, and carbon emissions.

During the Event, Cindy Musyoki, Lize Kok, and Nathan Gachugi will focus on the following key elements:

1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the operational intricacies underpinning Tasc and Burn manufacturing

2. Uncover the potential and challenges that continuous monitoring unveils for cookstove projects

3. Explore the integration of new technologies into pre-existing carbon methodologies and standards

4. Delve into how continuous monitoring of cookstoves aligns with the broader context of holistic large-scale landscape restoration

We welcome a diverse audience of stakeholders, experts, and practitioners of holistic landscape restoration to this webinar event. Through these events, we hope to create a community that promotes learning, capacity, and development across the praxis of science and investment sectors. So, if you are curious about how the continuous monitoring of cookstoves can change the game for landscape restoration, this webinar is for you!

Sign up here and mark September 25th, 13:30-15:00 CET in your Calendar! Also, stay tuned for more information regarding the event via our monthly newsletter and our social media.

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