This farm visit at "Jillamatong" uses Regenerative Agriculture techniques including Natural Sequence Farming and Biodynamics. The farm has pasture and water in the middle of a drought. You will see and learn first hand from Martin Royds who has crafted this property over 20 years, making it productive by rehydrating the land without using fertilisers or agrochemicals.

Program Content and Timetable:

Saturday 22nd Feb Day 1 (Includes Q&As throughout the event)

10:00 am - 10:15am  Registration

10:15 am Into to Rehydrating the Land - Christo Iliotis. Meet and Greet / What Do You Want To Know?

10:30 am Welcome to Country and Cultural Burns (Cool Burns to Protect Fauna and Flora) and Soil Microbes

11:00 am The Magic of Microbes - Professor Dong Xia to Generate Hydrogen Gas and Manufacture Organic Fertiliser

12:00 pm The Soil Carbon Sponge - Walter Jehne

2:00 pm Mike McCosker Rotational Cell Grazing to Increase Soil Fertility & Rehydrate, Fireproof the Land

3:00 pm Building the Soil Carbon Sponge with Biodynamic 500 Promotes Humus Formation/ Biodynamic Soil Activator Increases Soil Microbe Diversity, Photosynthesis, and Liquid Carbon.

3:45 pm Q & A Panel - Dr. Christo Miliotis, Mike McCosker, Dong Xiao, Martin Royds

4:00 pm Close of Day 1

Sunday 23rd Feb Day 2

10:00 am Introduction to Natural Sequence Farming/ The History of Jillamatong and How it has Survived the Drought - Martin Royds, Farm Owner, and Manager

11:00 am Farm Tour Looking at the Chain of Ponds/ Pasture Diversity/ Contouring the Land/ The Importance of Plans/ Microflora Dung Beetles and Worms Building the Soil Carbon Sponge Use of Compost

12:00 pm Worm Farm Leachate and Using Biodynamic Soil Activator

12:45 pm Hands-on Stirring and Biodynamic Soil Activator

2:00 pm Continued Farm Tour Inspecting Cow Pads and What we can Learn from this Compared to Farm Next Over the Fence. 

3:00 pm End of Farm Tour/ Silvopasture the Importance of Trees to Building the Soil Carbon Sponge/ Growing Truffles to Diversity the Farm Income/ The Value of Orchards and Deciduous Trees to Mitigate Fire in the Landscape.

3:30 pm Panel Discussion and Q&A Closing/ Comments/ Acknowledgment and Thanks to Martin for Sharing His Experience.

4:00 pm Close

We will stay in the Motel close by and feast on food grown on the farm. Contact Christo at for enquires.



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