Latest IPCC report: ‘now or never’ if world is to stave off climate disaster. Latest news on the post-2020 global biodiversity framework (GBF): little progress was made on the targets and goals that are meant to herald nature’s “Paris moment”. This is our call to action for a new approach.

On Earth Day, April 22, we invite you to this one-hour online event where we will share key learnings for collective action from our Insights Report 2022. Learn more about our collective strategy to unlock nature’s potential to reverse the effects of climate change and stop biodiversity loss. And, how you can participate.

The Bioregional Weaving Labs (BWL) Collective is a growing assembly of 25+ international system-changing organisations, grounded in a community of practice. We are representing the system changers in the field, working directly with farmers, nature conservationists, communities, and stakeholders. We are collaborating closely to ensure that high level climate and biodiversity plans become more actionable.

We are weaving our expertise, knowledge, resources, and teams together to offer maximum support to change leaders, citizens’ initiatives and their communities that want to restore, protect, and regenerate the landscapes and seascapes they live and work in.

We consist of socio-environmental entrepreneurs – many of them are Ashoka Fellows – that design and implement Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and of facilitators like Commonland, Presencing Institute, Ashoka and Drawdown Europe Research Association who create the right enabling conditions for NBS to take hold and scale.

We will explain why we believe Nature-based Solutions and bioregions are a perfect entry point for this strategy, how we weave people and solutions together and how we can mobilise 1 million changemakers across Europe by 2025 to restore, protect and regenerate 1 million ha of land and sea.

We will have some thought-provoking guests like Indy Johar (Dark Matter Labs) and Pam Warhurst (Incredible Edible) who will reflect on the report’s outcomes and more guests to be announced soon.


Our Insights Report is not meant to end on a desk. It is to explain our actions. Let’s work together, on a landscape scale. Bioregion per bioregion.

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