Farming Secrets is designed to help you build up a sustainable, regenerative and viable farm based on proven techniques shown through Farming Secrets DVDs. However, when applied diligently, the surprising thing is the simplicity and ease with which this science works.

Lessons are written and presented by Alan Broughton, Author, Biological Agriculture Researcher & Organic Farming Teacher.

Course Outcomes

After completing the soil management course you will be able to:

  • Read signs that show the basic characteristics of the soil
  • Conduct basic soil tests to better understand your soil
  • Boost soil biology to support your crops
  • Develop climate change resilience by increasing soil carbon
  • Interpret a soil laboratory test
  • Make quality compost and worm castings
  • Use plant diversity to improve soil fertility
  • Plan a comprehensive soil fertility program for your land
Lesson 1: Soil – The Foundation For Agriculture

  • Topic 1: The Complexity Of Soil 
  • Topic 2: Soil Organic Matter And Carbon
  • Topic 3: Finding Local Soil Information
Lesson 2: Assessing soil fertility

  • Topic 1: The Soil Profile
  • Topic 2: Plants As Indicators Of Soil Conditions
  • Topic 3: Soil Fertility Monitoring
  • Topic 4: Easy Soil Tests To Do
Lesson 3: Life In The Soil

  • Topic 1: Bacteria
  • Topic 2: Fungi
  • Topic 4: Providing Best Conditions For Micro-Organisms
  • Topic 5: Larger Critters In The Soil
Lesson 4: Soil Nutrients

  • Topic 1: Soil Fertilisation: From The Romans To Albrecht
  • Topic 2: Reading A Soil Test
  • Topic 3: The major cations
  • Topic 4: Anions
  • Topic 5: Trace elements
Lesson 5: Soil Improvement Techniques

  • Topic 1: Soil Aeration
  • Topic 2: Compost Making
  • Topic 3: Worm Farming And Vermicompost
  • Topic 4: Green Manures And Legume Herbs And Trees
  • Topic 5: Compost Tea, Compost Extract And Manure And Weed Teas
  • Topic 6: Biological Preparations And Stimulants

Cost Details

  • Best value: One-time payment of US$497.
  • Payment plan: 2 x part payment of US$267.
  • All prices are USD & Ex local tax.




  • You have lifetime access to the course; once they are made available online they remain there for you to access permanently.
  • You also get access to a study group to ask questions and online learning quizzes.
  • At the end, you also receive a Certificate of Completion.

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