Wild boar in the city: Incorporating human attitudes and behaviour in an ecological study

This free online talk considers how we include human interactions into ecological research and will be broadcast on Zoom as part of Ecology Live 2021. It takes place at the earlier time of 09:00 UK time. In a series of 25-minutes talks, the British Ecological Society broadcasts free talks from 12 great speakers every Thursday from 4 March to 20 May 2021. This edition is hosted by Hannah Mumby from the University of Hong Kong.


Hannah Mumby

“Wild boar (Sus scrofa) have a wide native and non-native range, a highly generalised diet and long history of interaction with humans. As such, studying the ecology of wild boar often touches on human dimensions of and interactions with environment, such as land-use, environmental policy and activities like hunting or feeding.

In this talk, I present a case study of human and wild boar interactions in Hong Kong. Through it, I introduce a critical reflection of stakeholder inclusion in ecological studies, findings from our analyses of media discourse on human and wild boar interactions in Chinese-language and English-language media and integrating human dimensions with ecological data, including wild boar behaviour and diet.”

Hannah Mumby
University of Hong Kong



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