Resilience, recovery and the ecology of change

In a series of 25-minutes talks, the British Ecological Society broadcasts free talks from 12 great speakers on Zoom every Thursday from 4 March to 20 May 2021. This second edition includes, Katharine Suding, from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Katherine Suding

“Our world is changing rapidly and the subsequent consequences for socio-ecological systems will be profound. A trio of threats loom: increased frequency of extreme events, shifts in baseline environmental conditions and rapid turnover in the species found in different locations.

Adapting our science to better reflect this new normal requires the acceptance that some types of change are inevitable and possibility adaptive. Moving forward, it allows us to address such issues as: How can we best describe alternative trajectories of change? How can we identify resilience in a system? And what types of interventions guide recovery and restoration towards a future state?”

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