Thermal constraints on microbiome structure and functioning

This free online talk on understanding complex microbial communities will be broadcast on Zoom as part of Ecology Live 2021. It takes place at the earlier time of 09:00 UK time. In a series of 25-minutes talks, the British Ecological Society broadcasts free talks from 12 great speakers every Thursday from 4 March to 20 May 2021. This edition is hosted by Samraat Pawar from the Imperial College London.


Samraat Pawar

“Microbial communities are crucial for carbon cycling in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Yet we lack a general, mechanistic understanding of how complex microbial communities assemble and persist in the face of environmental temperature fluctuations. In this talk I will present ongoing work to tackle this challenging problem.”

Samraat Pawar
Imperial College London



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