Hosted by: Restor, Savory Institute, Commonland, & Stone Barnes Center

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As climate action initiatives continue to build momentum, carbon offsetting has taken center stage as a primary solution to address the disastrous climate effects of burning fossil fuels. Carbon removal projects have proven successful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to ecosystem restoration, but the complexities of climate change extend far beyond carbon.

In creating a shared understanding of the elements of ecosystems that must be restored, we can contextualize our interventions and shift our efforts to solutions which consider the full range of ecosystem services. Degrading water and nutrient cycles, decreased microbial activity, and biodiversity loss can all be addressed if we work together to create incentive structures that maximize the net benefits to ecosystem restoration by bundling ecosystem services. The first step is to better understand what we have all learned individually in our efforts to sustainably manage and restore natural ecosystems.

Join us in a 90-minute session, we will explore how organizations like Restor, the Savory InstituteCommonland, & Stone Barnes Center have all contributed to this regenerative movement.

Who is hosting this event?

The event is hosted by a consortium of organizations and individuals striving for a holistic understanding of ecological restoration. The Regenerative Partners movement is started by Regen Network DevelopmentClimate FarmersEarthshot Labs and Terra Genesis International.


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