The objective of Eurosoil 2020 is to bring together leading research scientists working on soil-related topics and stakeholders dealing with issues of public concern, such as soil degradation and the consequences of climatic changes. The important bridging role of soil practitioners to translate scientific knowledge into practice will be emphasised during Eurosoil 2020.

As the conference of the European Confederation of Soil Science Societies (ECSSS), Eurosoil is the soil voice of Europe. Eurosoil 2020 aims to tackle e.g. the environmental, social, economic, and public policy goals related to / impacting soil use and services. In line with our theme “Connecting People and Soil”, the Eurosoil 2020 Programme will be structured around, but not limited to, selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Therefore, apart from soil scientists, we welcome contributions from stakeholders as well as related scientific fields (medicine, economy, social sciences, and others).

Sessions and workshops reporting transdisciplinary research, enhancing scientific relevance by integrating across disciplines or engaging diverse stakeholders in research, education, restoration, policy, management, and protection of soil are encouraged. Special sessions or workshops could address if and how research meets or responds to public interests or needs, actions are taken to increase research “impact” or relevance, and how actions affect research.

Speakers include:

  • Prof. Paolo Barberi, Coordinator for the Group of Agroecology, Institute of Life Sciences, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (SSSA), Pisa, Italy and former Coordinator, PhD Programme in Agrobiodiversity (SSSA).
  • Prof. Rachel Creamer, Chair of the Soil Biology Group at Wageningen University.
  • Mr. Luca Montanarella, Leading the Soil Data and Information Systems activities of the Joint Research Centre in support of the EU Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection and numerous other soil-related policies.
  • Dr. Christy Van Beek, Director of the SoilCares Foundation, Chief Agronomist at AgroCares, and scientist on food security and soil fertility.
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