Commonland and Presencing Institute invite you to join a one-off, interactive session to explore new approaches to landscape restoration.

About this event

Are you curious to learn more about landscape restoration that addresses the root causes of land degradation? Do you want to meet peers working in this global field and grow your network? Do you want to boost your skillset for multi-stakeholder processes?

Commonland and Presencing Institute have joined forces in multiple projects worldwide to address global challenges such as restoring biodiversity and mitigating climate change while facilitating thriving communities and regenerative businesses and striving to achieve the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration goals.

To tackle such critical challenges, we need to work together on developing systemic solutions that address their root causes. With a unique combination of the 4 Returns framework and a Theory U based-approach, we can enable collaboration between diverse stakeholders to create systemic change.

Together with you and our speakers, we will discuss the importance of creating ‘spaces of belonging’ for landscape restoration.

Meet the speakers:

  • Willem Ferwerda, founder and CEO of Commonland
  • Martin Kalungu-Banda, co-founder of the Ubuntu Lab Institute and faculty member of the Presencing Institute
  • Dieter van den Broeck, manager of 4 Returns Labs at Commonland
  • Katie Stubley, faculty member of the Presencing Institute

Meet your hosts:

  • Florentina Bajraktari, part of team the Presencing Institute’s core team
  • Pieter Ploeg, design strategist and facilitator at Commonland

And after this session, you will receive our brand new thought leadership paper, 4 Returns Labs: Creating spaces of belonging for large scale landscape restoration.

“Perhaps what is needed so deeply in this world adrift, in these times of uncertainty and unprecedented urgency, are places we can come home to. Places we can rest. Reconnect to nature and our place in the world. Gather strength. Gain clarity. Grow our capacity. Where we can be in learning with fellow human beings and be held by the larger web of life. Spaces of belonging.” – the paper’s authors

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