Many parts of Africa are facing catastrophic drought due to the effects of climate change. But there’s good news: a growing movement of local communities and traditional leaders are working to restore the continent’s degraded landscapes. Join them!

The GLF Africa Digital Conference will gather thousands of frontline leaders who are tackling the climate crisis head on. Featuring leading change-makers, voices, and thinkers from across Africa and the rest of the world, GLF Africa will demonstrate how healthy landscapes, responsible land tenure arrangements and shorter, greener value chains can transform food systems starting today.

Who is this event for?
Join us for a day packed with inspiring speakers, the latest science, concerts, virtual tours, job opportunities and networking. Connect, share, learn and act directly with the entrepreneurs, traditional leaders, youth and women shaping the future of the continent. Packed with lessons learned from the Great Green Wall, sustainable food value chains, and green finance initiatives, GLF Africa will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and connections to play your part in the growing restoration movement.

Thematic Areas

  • Sustainable finance: from markets to value chains
    How can we green the value chains of major commodities such as cocoa, coffee and corn? And how can young entrepreneurs make a business case for regenerative agriculture?
  • Resilient, regenerative landscapes: from restoration to agroecology
    Nearly half of Africa’s land area is turning into desert. How can better governance and farmer-led initiatives protect and restore the continent’s fertile landscapes?
  • Landscape rights: from inclusive tenure to policy change
    Local people need access to natural resources to sustainably manage their land. What will it take to ensure equitable land rights for all?

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