Study Regenerative Agriculture as an emphasis within the Interdisciplinary Masters Degree Program.

The Interdisciplinary Masters Degree program allows students to build a tailor-made graduate program that will support learning and research in the field of Regenerative Agriculture.

Students can create their own program by identifying 30 units of graduate and senior-level courses from the course catalog together with an advisory team of faculty.

All students will take AGRI 490 Experimental Design and 6 units of Thesis Units. Our students are involved in research related to Regenerative Agriculture.

Master's thesis projects vary depending on the student, and can be of their own design, or follow the design of a funded research project already underway.

Students interested in conducting research and completing their graduate degree in Regenerative Agriculture are encouraged to visit with one of the faculty affiliates about available projects.

Cost Details

The Office of Graduate Studies will accept applications from eligible graduate, credential and certificate applicants beginning October 1, 2019, for fall 2020 admissions.

Applicants must apply on-line at


Only students with a BS degree can apply through the Graduate School at CSU Chico Graduate Studies program.

Please also learn more about the Interdisciplinary Masters program and fill out the appropriate forms online.

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