We are honoured to invite you to participate in the above mentioned conference scheduled on January 19-22, 2022 at Zonal Agricultural Research Station, Mandya, UASB, Karnataka, India.

Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn., also popularly called as Ragi, is a vital food crop in dryland agricultural system. In certain parts of the world it is used as both food and forage crop. It is grown in India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, and Japan in Asia and Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Zaire, Eritrea, and Somalia in Africa. Finger millet is the major staple food for South Karnataka population in India. It has manifold nutritional benefits, with nearly 30 times more calcium than rice. Finger millet straw is extensively used as feed in the livestock sector. Finger millet can be cultivated throughout the year, depending on the moisture availability. Due to change in climatic factors, biotic and abiotic yield limiting factors, crop improvement and management strategies need renewed emphasis.

In this background, it is highly desirable to analyze the latest developments taking place in finger millet, both at national and international level, identify the gaps and chalk out a road map for crop improvement strategies for future under the changing climate. ICFM-2022 shall a forum to discuss the entire gamut of issues relating to advances and challenges in finger millet. The outcome of the conference will provide practical solutions for researchers across the globe to exchange their experiences and vision on development/improvisations in finger millet genetic resources, production for its sustainability, integrated pest management strategies and biotechnological interventions. The conference will feature technical sessions with lead/invited and contributory oral presentations.

The Conference will be held at Zonal Agricultural Research Station (ZARS), V. C. Farm, Mandya, Karnataka, India during January 19-22, 2022. Based on the convenience of the participants, the conference shall be hosted in hybrid mode (both offline and online).


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