Manipulating plant order of arrival, a process that creates priority effects, may be an unexplored tool to hinder the establishment of invasive non-native plants in sites under restoration. Knowledge and experimental studies on priority effects in the neotropics are scarce. My talk will cover assembly rules and invasive species control in restoration. I will show the results of systematic reviews where we synthesized information from papers that compared simultaneous and non-simultaneous planting or sowing and considered how these mechanisms might be manipulated to achieve restoration goals, and how invasive species are controlled in restoration. I will explore both topics with examples of research my working group has been doing in Southern Brazil.

Emanuela Weidlich (Post-doctoral Researcher, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina). My professional records involve both, scientific research, and teaching experience. I have experience with research that integrates ecological theories and practices to sustain restoration and conservation, in both, temperate grasslands and subtropical forests. Currently I work as postdoctoral researcher in Southern Brazil investigating assembly rules and invasive species control in restoration (focusing on belowground interactions), as well as socio-ecological resilience of coastal zones to better plan restoration interventions.

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