We’re very excited to announce our upcoming webinar “Landscape Restoration: How Do We Actually Do This”. 

Faced with the giant threat of landscape degradation worldwide, it’s easy to feel small. Faced with the long term and energy-intense task of holistic restoration, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Faced with the complex web of – sometimes competing- stakeholder interests, it’s easy to feel alone.  

But we can do this, we can restore landscapes – as long as we’re guided by facts and not by myths. Thankfully, this event is here to help. 

At 16:30 CEST on the 25 June, we will be hosting a live Zoom webinar featuring three practitioners who are on the frontlines of landscape restoration, in conservation with Commonland experts – each busting a myth:  

  • Myth 1: “Partnerships are all talk, no action”. Justin Gird (Living Lands, South Africa) in conversation with Marijn Zwinkels (Commonland). 
  • Myth 2: “A shared understanding is just about data”. Rosa Vendel, (Wij.land, Netherlands) in conversation with Willemijn de Iongh (Commonland).
  • Myth 3: “A landscape vision is a top-down process”. Roundtable, featuring representatives from Wetlands International and Landscape Finance Labs 
  • Q&A featuring all speakers. 

This event is for anyone who is in the first few years of their landscape restoration process – you could be interested in setting up a project or partnership in the near future – or you could already be on your restoration journey. If you keep running into challenges, sometimes struggle to figure out myth from reality – or would simply like some advice, solidarity and support – then this webinar is for you. 

The event is free to join, and will reference our recently published 4 Returns Guidebook, which is also free to access, and available here: https://4returns.commonland.com/training/4-returns-guidebook/  

We can’t wait to see you there! 

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