Storytelling is the easiest way to return inspiration!

Would you like to learn from the experiences and stories of your peers working with regenerative agriculture and holistic landscape restoration? Would you like to share your own story and gain perspective and insights from your peers? Would you like to engage with the stories of the community and build a deeper connection to the people involved in other landscape initiatives?

Then come to our Community of Practice session on June 23rd at 09:00 am CET!

In this session you will get the chance to share your stories and lessons from working on landscape restoration, listen to the stories of others and weave collective insights with them.

What to expect:

1. Sharing stories in groups about your unexpected successes and lessons learned in holistic landscape restoration

2. Getting inspired and connected on a deeper level with community peers

3. Collecting insights that are based on the stories shared in each group

4. Activating your creative and personal leadership skills through practicing storytelling, deep listening and weaving together the lessons learned

5. Harvesting useful insights from the wisdom of the whole group


09.00 – 09.10 (CET) Introduction and check in

09.10 – 09.15 (CET) Framing the storytelling process

09:15 – 10:00 (CET) Sharing stories in dialogue triads

10:00 – 10:20 (CET) Harvesting collective insights

10:20 – 10:30 (CET) Next Steps and Check Out

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* Other timezones

10:00-10:30 Arabian Standard Time

11:30- 13:00 Iran Daylight Time

12:30 -14:00 India Standard Time

13:00- 14:30 Bangladesh Standard time

15:00- 16:30 China Standard Time

17:00- 18:30 Australian Eastern Standard Time

18:00- 19:30 Japan Standard time

Join us on June 23rd to learn together, empower each other and find solutions for holistic landscape restoration!

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