This course provides participants with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the carbon cycle on a global and paddock scale. It also looks at the different types of soil carbon, where they are found in the soil, how they can be measured, what benefit they have to the soil and the role soil can play in the mitigation of climate change. It then addresses how soil can be managed to build soil carbon levels with reference to the constraints of soil type and climatic zone.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • recognise the importance of carbon and the carbon cycle
  • describe the basics of soil carbon sequestration
  • differentiate between soil carbon types
  • identify the properties of soil that benefit from increased organic carbon
  • determine the suitability of tests for different soil carbon types and appropriate soil sampling methods
  • differentiate between activities that lead to an increase in carbon inputs to the soil and those that lead to carbon losses
  • recognise the differences between sequestration and cycling of carbon in productive agricultural systems
  • identify the characteristics of soil suitable for adding or sequestering carbon
  • identify recycled organic products that can be used in building soil carbon
There are three modules in this course: 

  • The carbon cycle 
  • Carbon in the soil
  • Managing carbon in the soil 
EverTrain is an NSW Department of Primary Industries e-learning initiative funded through the Future Farm Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FFI CRC). It is an education and extension training system that combines online training with face to face workshops to make training more accessible for land managers. A key objective of EverTrain is to provide training with improved access to research, development, and extension (RD&E) outputs.




Course resources are provided.

The face to face component is tailored to the needs of the client group and the time involved varies. This component is delivered subject to demand.

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