Masterclass: Regenerative Management of Ranches with Jaime Elizondo Braun - Maximum profitability and regeneration of land using high animal density and low-cost biological methods.

Throughout the world, poor livestock management is degrading land ecosystem functions and hydrological processes. This degenerative process carries with it economic difficulties. The desire of most ranchers is to reverse this situation, but there is often a conflict between the desire to care for the environment and to be profitable.

Regenerative livestock farming has as one of its main objectives to achieve "Maximum Sustainable Profitability" per hectare and has demonstrated, in numerous cases around the world, the potential of at least a doubling of the Gross Profit Margin and Return on Investment (ROI ).

The objective of this professional training program is to help ranchers, extension agents and consultants to achieve this "Maximum Sustainable Profitability" per hectare while facilitating the regeneration of the ecosystem and its processes. Jaime Elizondo's work as a consultant is based on four fundamental principles which form the thematic axis of this program:

1. Correct grazing management (high-density non-selective grazing with forage reserve):

  • Improve the efficiency of harvesting by livestock.
  • Increase the rest period of the pastures to increase the dry matter production.
  • Improve the leaf-stem ratio to increase photosynthetic activity and the creation of humus in soils.
  • Determine the adequate reserve area to feed livestock during the non-growing season and how to alternate reserve areas each year to increase the generation of humus in our soils.
  • Management infrastructure (electric fences, doors and water fountains).
  • Pasture monitoring.

2. Selection criteria to achieve adapted genetics (fat and fertile animals):

  • Hormonal balance, how to read it in the animal, its effect on the speed of maturation and fertility.
  • Fertility as a selection criterion.
  • Selection of bull mothers and future bulls.
  • 8 in 5 package, what it is and how to evaluate it.

3. Short and correct breeding season:

  • Synchronized calving with the maximum forage production.
  • Duration and optimal season of the breeding season and calving in our particular ranch.
  • How to make the breeding season more efficient without affecting cash flows.
  • Use of bulls or artificial insemination?

4. Minimal protein and mineral supplementation program:

  • The health and proper functioning of the rumen.
  • Monitoring and reading of animal manure.
  • Minimal protein and mineral supplementation.
  • Buffet or cafeteria minerals for better health, fertility and performance.
  • Fiber-protein and Potassium-Sodium ratio to avoid diarrhea.
  • Management of parasites.

Who is Jaime Elizondo Braun?

International consultant in achieving maximum profitability of pastures and ranches with the aim of achieving harmony between man, cattle and grassland. He is one of the world leaders in regenerative ranch management. He graduated as a Zootechnical Agricultural Engineer in 1984 from the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and is a third generation rancher. He has studied and practiced different grazing methods (Voisin, MIG, Holism, high density and ultra high density). He is a pioneer in the zero-tillage planting of leguminous trees for forage and shade, and in the adequate management of Leucaena associated with pastures.

He worked for 12 years as a dairy cattle nutritionist in Torreón, Coahuila with the Free Choice Enterprises of USA franchise. He currently works in Texas managing 4 properties with Bonsmara, Angus, Hereford and Mashona cattle seeking to regenerate the land and improve profitability in a sustainable way.

Jaime is also the author of the book "Rancho Regenerative Management" which can be purchased from the following Amazon link United States with shipping to Mexico. It is recommended that participants read the book before the program. Additionally, they can learn more about their work by following their Facebook page Rain graze.


Rancho Santa Lucia, Santa María del Río, San Luis Potosí is a A 550-hectare family livestock project in a semi-arid climate that has initiated a transition to regenerative livestock systems through planned and intensive grazing management with electric fences, establishment of perennial grasslands and silvopastoral systems with walnut trees. The ranch is located 5 minutes from the Querétaro - San Luis Potosí Highway, it is 50 minutes from the San Luis Potosí airport and 1 hour 50 minutes from the Querétaro airport.

Organizer and local partner:

Ing. Gerardo Ruiz Smith: Consultant and educator on regenerative agriculture and comprehensive ranch planning issues. Partner of Regrarians in Mexico and director of Agroasis.

Cost Details

  • Registration cost is $6,600 mxn.
  • To set aside place it is necessary to make an advance payment of 50% (equivalent to $ 3,300 mxn) by deposit, transfer or Paypal.
  • Subsequently send the proof of payment to the email along with the full name, telephone and email to register.



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