Do you struggle to monitor the real impacts of your landscape restoration work? To show how it has long-term natural, social, or financial and inspirational benefits.

Without monitoring data, you can’t provide evidence of the impact landscape restoration has on the ground – on nature, local communities, and the economy. Evidence is essential for different things, for example adjusting your activities, making restoration projects “investable” – or influencing policy and financial frameworks to support nature restoration.  

Commonland has partnered with Wetlands International and Landscape Finance Lab to develop a monitoring framework tailored to monitor the 4 Returns: the 4Returns indicator menu. This menu was created with insights from both real restoration practitioners and impact monitoring experts menu and serves as inspiration for indicators that you can use for monitoring the 4 Returns in your landscape.  

On March 20th, we brought together experts Joanne Pieterse, Elton Mudyazvivi, Lucy Garrett, Kilian Walz, and Hester Koning to present the indicator menu and delve into the intricacies of monitoring landscape restoration.

During the event, we explored the following points:  

  1. The 4Returns indicator menu.  
  2. Monitoring socio-psychological effects, including inspiration. 
  3. Monitoring indicators on soil health, water, carbon & biodiversity.
  4. Monitoring financial Returns of restoration 

Presentations from this session, can be found here:

  1. Financial Returns Overview 
  2. Natural Returns Overview
  3. 4 Returns indicator menu & social returns overview 

A youtube video of this session, can be found here:


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