The Online Farm Course Includes:

The heart of the course which spans nine modules  (Over 60 Hours Content)

  • Soil Intensive
  • Bed creation and management
  • Propagation
  • Transplanting and Direct Seeding
  • Irrigation
  • Managing the production systems
  • Weed, pest and disease management
  • Harvest, Wash and Pack
  • Extending the product line

PLUS! You also get

  • The Indoor Tomato and Cucumber Intensive
  • How to Design Great Hoop Houses Course
  • Growing Flowers for Market(Five Hours)
  • Season Extension and winter growing Intensive
  • Marketing and wholesaling course
  • A Special Standalone Course just for Beginning farmers 
  • Exclusive member discounts to tools and supplies from our Partners
  • Neversink Live – Regular Q and A with Conor
  • Member Forum Participation
  • Access to the Frequently Released NEW content. 

What is the Market Farming Course About?

  • The farm course is taught by Conor Crickmore who owns Neversink Farm, one of the most profitable small scales farms anywhere.
  • Conor covers the Neversink Systems to growing vegetables, which are about High Efficiency and High Profits.
  • Farming is hard work. This course is not about some secret to duplicating my success but about the 100s of things I do at Neversink Farm which contribute to that success. Be ready to work for it!

How is this Farm Course Different?

  • Conor Crickmore is a well known educator in Small Scale Market Farming and a creator of super efficient farming methods that are proven to work on his farm.
  • Conor’s success is built on hundreds of small and large changes made on his farm over the years. Conor covers all of the cumulative changes that resulted in an organized, well run, and profitable farm.
  • I am not aware of any small scale farm course that goes into as much detail and covers as many topics as this course does.
  • Over 150 lessons, each running about 30 minutes, with more being developed all the time. This is only course that keeps delivering great content regularly. 

Cost Details

Registration opens 4/10/2020 through the website.


  • This is for experienced small scale farmers who want to become more profitable or more efficient by creating systems that work.
  • This is for beginners looking to quickly ramp up their knowledge, while planning the future of their farm.
  • This is for anyone who wants to grow their own food or just enjoys watching videos about it. 

More information

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