This program is designed specifically for small groups of apprentices from a similar region interested in learning regenerative agricultural practices that create healthy land, healthy food, and healthy lives.

This unique package gives apprentices, already learning hands-on techniques with their farm/ranch mentors, further tools for success. It also provides educational support to busy farm/ranch mentors so they can focus on teaching production skills while HMI delivers the farm/ranch business management and planning support necessary for new agrarians to gain vital business skills for success.

This series is facilitated by experienced Holistic Management Certified Educators and is taught online and via phone so you can take it from anywhere with an internet connection. Each interactive webinar is led by a Certified Educator who will give you helpful feedback on course assignments and answer any questions you and your fellow apprentices may have. There are also a number of practical videos and articles available for further learning. All webinars are recorded so you can view them whenever works for you.


Introduction to Whole Farm/Ranch Planning

  • Learn how to develop a whole farm/ranch (holistic) goal which clearly articulates the vision for a farm/ranch, the organizational structure, and the resources available.
  • Incorporate a triple bottom line analysis filter to help you make decisions more effectively (particularly in a group setting or where there are conflicts around key issues).
  • Learn the principles of how Nature functions and understand how tools affect ecosystem health
Whole Farm/Ranch Financial Planning

  • Learn how to develop a financial plan which will include a yearly budget and cash flow
  • Learn how to determine current net worth and projected net worth at year-end to analyze effectiveness of financial investments
  • Develop enterprise analysis for each enterprise (up to 3 enterprises) to move from a production focus to a profit focus
  • Be able to analyze expenses and investment allocation strategies so you can better determine the return on investment (up to 3 investments)
  • Be able to analyze livestock production strategies and ramifications on financial planning (for those working with livestock).
Whole Farm/Ranch Grazing Planning

  • Learn how to develop a grazing plan which will consist of a grazing map and grazing chart that identifies key management issues, estimated forage production, actual forage utilization, and livestock moves to maximize forage production and animal performance.
  • Explore issues around grazing and recovery periods
  • Discuss options for grazing implementation and how these grazing decisions influence infrastructure development and animal performance




  • You or your farm/ranch mentor registers you and your group
  • All the learning materials needed for the course are included in the course fee
  • The course begins when your group signs up and you receive your learning materials
  • The course is taught over 8 weeks total
  • You will receive 15 hours of personalized training per module including three group webinars: one at the beginning of the program, another at Week 2 of the program and another at Week 4 of the program
  • You will have lots of time for in-depth conversations with your Certified Educator mentor as well as the other apprentices in your group
  • You will earn a certificate of completion and have completed the curriculum required for Certified Educator Training
This program is tailored to fit you and your group’s scheduling needs. In addition to webinars, plan virtual discussions with your mentor and your group to further your learning. Weekly assignments will receive personalized feedback. Office hours with the instructor as needed. Allow 10-15 hours including assignments for each module.


  • Farming/ranching apprentice interested in regenerative agriculture.
  • Ranch owner/manager looking for supplemental learning experiences for your on-ranch/on-farm apprentices.

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