Philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky and economist Robert Pollin will discuss their new book about the climate crisis.

Climate Crisis and the Global Green New Deal, confronts humanity’s greatest challenge. The disastrous consequences of unchecked climate change are well known – from huge stretches of land becoming uninhabitable to failing crops and devastating wildfires. Humanity must stop burning fossil fuels within the next thirty years. But to succeed it must also take on the misguided fear that economic calamity and unemployment are consequences of a greener economy. The authors argue that there is a solution, which will raise living standards and protect livelihoods, and it is the Green New Deal.

Join them in conversation with Maya Goodfellow as they discuss how these compelling ideas can be achieved politically, and what we as individuals can do to help transform our societies and economies. They will also be answering your questions.

Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s leading intellectuals, has been a voice for the progressive left throughout his career. Critical of the Vietnam War and the 2003 invasion of Iraq, he is widely recognised for his contributions to the human sciences and his anti-imperialist writing and activism.

Robert Pollin is professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and founding co-director of its Political Economy Research Institute.

This event is part of a series to mark the Guardian’s 2020 climate pledge.


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